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AC Magnetic Field Coil

This unit (IPC-4924-W) is ideal for demonstrating the effects of electromagnetics, simply place a suitable pick-up coil directly connected to an oscilloscope into the Field Coil Loop and observe the resulting waveform displayed. The unit simply requires an AC voltage supply of approximately 2V AC (see instructions for full supply details) via the two front 4mm sockets.

An ideal power supply for the AC Magnetic Field Coil is our Multitap Transformer power supply (IPC-0484-P) which provides a 2V AC output suitable for this application (again see instructions for full supply details).

Description :
AC Magnetic Field Coil
Part Number :
Electrical Supply :
2VAC Max. (see instructions)
Dimensions :
135mm x 80mm x 165mm
Mass :
Supply Current Consumption :
8A (AC) approx. (see instructions)
Supply Frequency Range :
50Hz to 60Hz
Field Coil Loop Size :
117mm x 100mm
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