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GM Tube & Holder

The GM Tube & Holder (IPC-6200-R) has been designed to work directly with our Timer Scaler & Frequency Meter (IPC-3342-T) but can also be used with any other suitable Scaler unit.

The GM Tube contained within this stand-alone holder is the industry standard type: ZP1481, as recommended in the Cleapss document GL:138 (Choosing a Geiger Muller Tube). The ZP1481 has a large area detection window making it suitable for all practical demonstrations and investigations as well as having an efficiency level suitable for detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation, it is also robust and has a long life.

The holder containing the GM Tube not only provides both protection and a choice of connections to the Tube  but also the option to attach the holder to a retort stand using the supplied fixing rod. Also contained within the Holder is a high ohmic value (4M7) series resistor required by most Counter and Ratemeter (Scaler) units.  If required the protection grill covering the detection window can be removed should you want to detect low levels of contamination.

The standard connection provided by the GM Tube & Holder is via a flying lead fitted with a TNC plug connector suitable for connect to our Timer Scaler & Frequency Meter, however if required a TNC to BNC adapter is available (IPC-6205-R), for any other type of connection please contact IPC.


TNC to BNC Adapter (IPC-6205-R)

Description :
GM Tube & Holder
Part Number :
Electrical Supply :
425VDC to 450VDC
Dimensions :
120mm x 60mm x 40mm
Mass :
Sensitive to :
Alpha, Beta & Gamma Radiation
Detection Window Diameter :
Threshold Voltage :
400VDC max.
Internal Series Resistor Value :
Anode/Cathode Capacitance :
Standard Electrical Connection :
TNC Plug on Flying Lead (700mm)
Mounting Method :
Bench Mounted or Support Rod (supplied)
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