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IPC Electronics Ltd designs and manufactures a range of high quality electronic instruments for the educational and industrial sectors.

With over 25 years experience in the design, development and manufacture of electronic equipment, we have the proven experience and technical expertise to produce high quality products to exacting customer requirements.

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The IPC Thermopile (IPC-4652-W) uses a multijunction thermopile housed in a transistor type package, this element along with its amplifier are housed in a 140mm rod with a 400mm cable terminated with red, black and white 4mm connection plugs. By using a sensitive digital voltmeter capable of reading millivolts to volts (we recommend the IPC 2VDC Digital Voltmeter IPC-1904-M) the differing radiant energies from the surface of a Leslie cube can be demonstrated.

To operate the Thermopile a DC supply voltage of between 7V to 25V is required and for this we recommend using the IPC Student Power Supply IPC-0256-P (located within our IPC Power Supplies section). A full set of instructions are supplied with the Thermopile and further operating and experiment advice can be obtained by contacting IPC directly.

Description :
Part Number :
Electrical Supply :
7V to 25VDC (minimum current)
Dimensions :
140mm x 13mm dia. with 400mm leads
Mass :
Output Voltage Range :
1mV to 2VDC
Measuring Distance :
1cm to 20cm (depending on temperature being measured)
Temperature Range :
20deg C to 100deg C (recommended measuring range)
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