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Velocity of Sound Kit

This kit (IPC-4805-W) offers both a transmitter and receiver for measurement of the velocity of sound by a modification of Hebb’s method. The kit itself consists of a separate loudspeaker and microphone, both mounted in plastic cases and fitted with a pair of 4mm connection sockets.

The loudspeaker can be driven directly by a signal generator, while the electret condenser type microphone comes supplied with a battery and can be fed directly into an oscilloscope.

A full set of operating instructions comes supplied with the kit and can also be downloaded – see below.


Replacement Units

Microphone (IPC-4220-W)

Loudspeaker (IPC-4678-W)


Description :
Velocity of Sound Kit
Part Number :
Electrical Supply :
Microphone requires 9V Battery, type: PP3
Dimensions :
Microphone 68 x 120 x 36mm & Loudspeaker 55 x 110 x 22mm
Mass :
Microphone 0.15kg & Loudspeaker 0.11kg
Microphone Spec. :
Sensitivity -42db, Range 20Hz to 20kHz, Impedance 2.2k ohms
Loudspeaker Spec. :
Power Rating 0.5W, Range 20Hz to 20kHz, Impedance 8 ohms
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